New report by Kauffman Foundation indicates increase in new entrepreneurs during Covid-19 pandemic.

A report by the Kauffman Foundation, a philanthropic leader in strengthening organizations and programs that allow entrepreneurs to develop knowledge and skills, start a new business, or grow an existing one, and strengthening communities to have more supportive environments for entrepreneurs, details national trends in early-stage entrepreneurship in 2020 for specific demographic groups. 

The report, which you can read here Kauffman Foundation shows a positive picture with an increase in the rate of new entrepreneurs in 2020 at .38%, or 380 out of every 100,000 adults became a new entrepreneur in a given month.  The monthly rate increased even in the midst of Covid-19 job losses and shutdowns. 

The rate of new entrepreneurs was 0.30% among women and 0.48% among men, reflecting large increases for both from the previous year.

The opportunity share of new entrepreneurs declined sharply for both women and men in 2020.

Download the report to look at state specific information linked at the header of the PDF, or click the link here to see Florida’s Entrepreneurial data.  Florida