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Something old, something new.

Greetings. StayinFLA is a concept that has been many years in the making.  The idea has always been to lend a hand and connect college and university students studying entrepreneurship with the right people that would help them cultivate that idea into a full-grown business, all while keeping that business in Florida.  Some might call that good old-fashioned networking.  We tend to agree.  We think timing is everything and it seems that there isn’t a better time than the present to re-introduce ourselves.  That being said, let me begin this inaugural post by sharing how exciting it is to see the attention and coverage Miami is generating as more and more companies and investors flock here, and to Florida in general, to relocate their businesses or invest in the next “great thing”.  Clearly this is a win-win for everyone as more college and university students take advantage of the amazing educational opportunities that await them in technology and entrepreneurship programs throughout the State of Florida.  Now more than ever it is important that we as Floridians realize the power of our amazing weather and tourism, coupled with an ever-rising real estate industry and the attraction of big name corporations that will provide economic opportunities and collaboration with city, county and statewide government offices. Add to that the collaboration with Florida’s colleges and universities to cultivate the next generation of business pioneers and you have a recipe for success that we can all enjoy for generations. Bon appétit.