Emerging Tech Cities in the US

The unstoppable tech industry will be worth $461 Billion by year’s end according to tech industry analysts in an article by Terrence Mills, Forbes Technology Council Member.  In his article, Emerging Tech Cities in the U.S., Terrence explores the cities that are becoming more popular among tech-savvy pioneers as they look to find new opportunities.  You can find a link to the article here Emerging Tech Cities in the U.S. but one of the highlights of this article is that the top two cities reported are in Florida, Tampa and Miami, respectively.

The list of 5 top cities includes

New York City
San Francisco

Tampa currently is responsible for 25% of Florida’s tech jobs.  Miami is quickly emerging as a hot spot for technological innovation and seeing plenty of investment dollars making its way into the city.  The entire state of Florida and all of its education partners and businesses benefit from this increased migration to the state.  The outlook is getting brighter and brighter for the Sunshine State.